Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Sexy Carrot

We are reading a book for our Sunday School class called Blue Like Jazz. It is a book about one man's journey with Jesus. The man's name is Don. Don likes to make up cartoons. Don made up a cartoon about a rabbit that saw a sexy carrot and had to chase it, even into the depths of outer space. Don's rabbit catches the carrot, but the carrot chokes him to death in the end. Moral: If you work hard, follow hard after your vision, are goal oriented, and in excellent physical shape, you will achieve your dreams. Moral 2: Sometimes what you want the most is the same thing that will kill you.

I have really been thinking about my sexy carrot. I can say that I have had several during my lifetime. Here are a few and the outcomes based on the morals of Don's cartoon...

Sexy Carrot One: Profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist
Outcome: The chase...It was hard, hard work that required nearly 8 years of my life to get two degrees. I actually had to take the GRE (Graduate Record[or something else with an "R" sound] Exam. Which was a stand-out bad day
in my pursuit of sexy Master's degree. Will it kill me?...I would say that
not only did this sexy carrot not kill me, it made me a stronger, smarter, more disciplined gal.

Sexy Carrot Two: Children
Outcome: The chase...Unlike a lot of people, Princess came to us very, very easily. Andre even resented how easily sexy baby carrot number one landed in our garden, wishing for a pursuit filled with fireworks and dramatic footwork. After awhile one sexy baby carrot wasn't enough. We were
in hot pursuit of a sexy baby carrot number two. This time Andre got his wish and I began to chase in earnest. There was even a period of despair when I feared our little garden would never be filled with carrots. There is a lot to this chase that is pretty personal, which is what makes our Monkey so special. One such special memory was a pastor which gave me a prophesy (unsolicited since I am not really into this kind of thing) that "God would grant me the desire of my heart." Of course, a baby was the desire of my heart. Boy, that pastor had a hotline to God for sure! Soon to follow were sexy baby carrots two, three and four. Will it kill me?...ABSOLUTELY. Every day I am thankful for my sexy baby carrots, but they are killing me for sure.

Sexy Carrot Three: Material Things/Treasures on Earth
Outcome: The chase...I am guilty of the sin of storing up treasures on earth. I like nice things. I like to have a comfortable home and good food to eat. I love my sexy baby carrots to look nice (and Andre too!). I chase hard after sexy carrots that will make my earthly home more cool, more comfortable, more beautiful. I chase after sexy carrots that I want. Will it kill me?...YES. It is hard to keep up a bunch of stuff. It is hard to have the pressure of keeping sexy carrots nice all of the time since carrots rot and break and get dirty. Worse yet, as I have more carrots I want more carrots. It is a horrible cycle. This a constant struggle for me to remember that God is not pleased with this behavior. Many, many times my pursuit of material treasures has blinded me to what God wants to do (even though I have pretty cool sexy carrot glasses to look through). Stay tuned because God is still working in me.

So, these are a few of my sexy carrots. Do you have any?